How Investing Can Create Job Opportunities

Economics as a field of study stresses the importance of investment as a potential for the creation of jobs. A number of platforms, like the CAPCO program, are directed at providing viable sources of income for startups and small businesses.

Every country of the world needs to stimulate investment in small businesses and startups if there is to be any hope for the creation of employment opportunities. It is no news that most countries today struggle with one level of unemployment or the other. No country today can boast of full employment of human resources. It therefore shines light on the potentials of companies or initiatives, like the CAPCO program, that provide funding and venture capital.

How investing can create job opportunities

Investing in small businesses and startups can create employment opportunities. Let’s take a look at how it works:

Small businesses often require capital to expand their business operations. This expansion in operations often requires a simultaneous growth in the manpower used in production processes. This then creates job opportunities for individuals within the society. For example, a small company that is into the production of sandals may be looking to expand its operations and greater penetrate the market. If the company is currently able to produce 1,000 sandals per week, and is looking to expand to 3,000 per week; it would require a simultaneous increase in the manpower utilized to create this additional supply. This therefore stresses the importance of programs such as the CAPCO program, which is targeted at raising capital for small businesses and startups.

The creation of jobs and expansion of processes in small businesses and startups can also have a ripple effect on other industries. For example, the sandal company that has now expanded to producing 3,000 sandals per week would require the raw materials to produce this. Therefore, the company that supplies leather to the sandal company now has to expand its operations, implying the need to employ more manpower. This ripple effect can be beneficial to the growth and development of the economy.


With these brief points, one can fully understand the relevance of capital and venture funding for small businesses and startup companies. These companies rely on capital providers for their growth. However, this dependence should not be taken for weakness, as these companies have a lot of potential for shaping the growth of the economy. Importance should therefore be placed on creating a suitable environment where these companies can thrive.

Painting 101 – Be Inspired By Nature


We all know it is very difficult to have a subject to sketch, to paint. It will even take some time for someone to decide which one to go for. This is something I want to share with you. It is a technique that my dad had taught me when I was a little kid. Start off with nature. This does not mean you are going to paint an entire forest, or much so with a tree.

You need to focus more on easy to follow shapes, and structures. This will give you a much needed confidence to start off with painting. A good example would paint a leaf. Yes, just one leaf. You will be amazed as to what would be the end result by using a leaf as your subject.

What you should do when painting a leaf?

First, start by looking at it in full view, go from the front, then back, the edges, etc.

Second, move on with touching the surface of the leaf. Feel its texture. Be aware of how rough or smooth it is.

painting- boy smells flowersThird, go with the shape. Be sure you have a clear look as to what the shape of the leaf is. Whether it elongated, oblong like, round, or what. You need to be familiarized with it.

Fourth, picture out everything. Close your eyes and have a vision as to what the leaf looks like based on what you have seen and touched.

Fifth, start painting. Let your heart dictates your hand on how to start with the sketch and coloring the leaf.

This is the entire process. As you can see, it is quite simple. It does not even need to be complicated for you to start with painting. All you have to do is to start with a piece of nature. You can go with a twig or a rock.

When you start drawing, be precise as you can be. Follow the vision you have in your mind and let your heart help you with the process. Be more creative when combining colors. Bring life to your drawing through shading, proper mixing of colors, among others.

Doing this for the first time can be tough. However, it is all worth it the moment you have seen how your painting looks like. It would be best to take note of the entire process. This will serve as your guide the next time you want to try it again.

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